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About Emulation as a Service

⚠️🔇 Your browser does not support OGG/Theora audio streams. You won’t hear sound on any of these games. Best results with Chrome or Firefox.

The Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs

How it works: Clicking on ‘Play’ connects you to your own dedicated computer running a 1990s operating system. Your browser becomes a window to that computer’s display. Select a region close to where you are located for the computer to start up (in one of Google’s data centers.) Depending on current usage of the system, it might take some time until everything is ready.

Requirements: Apart from a current browser like Chrome or Firefox, you need a reasonably fast internet connection. If your internet connection is laggy, you might notice choppy sound and animation.

Learn more about the emulation framework. Embed the games into you own site.


Please allow up to 70 sec for resource allocation


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