The Longest Whistlegraph Ever (so far)

2022, 22:00 min, color, sound, 4K video documentation

The Longest Whistlegraph Ever (so far) is a whistlegraph commissioned by Rhizome in 2021 that debuted at the New Museum on May 14, 2022. This video of a subsequent performance, recorded in the space where the piece was composed, is displayed here alongside materials from our composition process, including manuscripts, recordings, and a full graphic score.

The video is also available on YouTube & Spotify.

Whistlegraphs are audio-visual digital artworks performed manually by drawing and singing. Every whistlegraph results in a poetic image through the performance of a reproducible score.

Behind The Scenes

↸ Browse our notebook pages and explore our score-making on the same blackboard that's in our film! We also used digital tools.

Media Archive

The original film, additional media and process materials for The Longest Whistlegraph Ever (so far) have been token-gated on IPFS and minted for collection.

This work is also being accessioned into Rhizome's ArtBase.

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About Us

Camille, Alex, Jeffrey

Camille Klein, Alex Freundlich, and Jeffrey Scudder draw, sing, and make videos together as Whistlegraph. The group was formed during the pandemic in 2020 in a cabin in Ashland, Oregon, which remains their creative base. Over the past few years, they have honed a distinctive style and practice that speaks to embodied cognition, art education, and experimental composition for live performance.

The group recently had their first exhibition, Ten Whistlegraphs, in May 2022 with Feral File, and regularly shares new work on their TikTok account, @whistlegraph, with over 2.3 million followers.